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TWTGC Trimming Wet, Dry & Machine demos with BadGranny

TWTGC Trimming Wet, Dry & Machine demos with BadGranny

Published on July 22, 2020
Trimming Wet, Dry & Machine demos with BadGranny at the little house co-op homestead with Mtn.Mystic.
Category : How To & Tutorials
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I hate the look and the final product when drying and then trimming myself! I have tried both ways over the years and have always had the best product when wet trimming and then drying! I have also tried using the the trimming machine you showed in this video, as well as a full on electric trimmer for trimming pounds at a time, the electric wander trimmer which i did like but get jammed up fast and the trim bags that you shake to trim! But I still find the best way to trim and get the best product is by hand with scissors! Wet trim by hand is the only way for me! Plus as a added bonus you get to have your friends over to help, add a few drinks and alot of puff puff passing and you git yourself a trim party and some great times! Duane
looking good nice seeing you again...sending love
Wabbit 2 years ago
right on you 2, lol to funny nice to see the way you folks do your trimming, i just went through and did my auto that i harvested, i normally wet trim and do a final clean before jaring, but dry triming is tedious, on a plus side though you get some solid kief return,, oh and i love you soda box jimmy rig tray ahhahahaha hawaiian ingenuity at its finest, lol stay safe you 2 and happy growing
Looking good BadGranny, I'd say I feel bad for you having to do all that trimming, but I don't haha. I wouldn't mind one of those trimmers to cut down on some of the work. Have a great day!
BadGranny 2 years ago
Awesome sister!! love the video, we so got to get better samples, Darth Vader's first round wet trim was way prettier than those bitties we were cleaning last, baaahaaahaa MAHALO NUI LOA For all you video skills!!! Love your beautiful face!!

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