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TWTGC test run f1 grape crunch

TWTGC test run f1 grape crunch

Published on June 13, 2021
these are seeds produced by a strong genetic (grape ape),being stressed into making pollen. I was able to remedy the stress (over-fertilzation)(heavy synthetic bloom booster at beginning of flower,during an organic grow).only about 5 nanners were produced and unfortunately opened before I found them
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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That is so awesome! Just a reminder the Crunch Berries comes from AmnesiaxPurpleBud crossed with the original 1996 OG Kush. Then, that seed was back crossed with the parent AmnesiaxPurpleBud. Grape Crunch sounds fire. I love these new strains that people are making. Continuing the journey. Fun fact, the parent AmnesiaxPurpleBud was named Not Safe For Work one day when my friend was smoking a joint with his coworkers at work on a smoke break. My friend said "this stuff is so strong that it's not safe for work". So it was shortened to NSFW. Can't wait to see what these do.
Also, pollen from a female always makes feminized seeds. So, those are all females. I consider that to be a more advanced technique for making seeds. No wasted time with a male plant. And, all of the seeds end up feminized, which are more valuable. And, you did it all by accident. Cool. Lol.
Nice man, looking good in there. The grapes sound good!
that's cool sounds like a good strain cant say of I have had crunch berries but grape ape love that strain keep up the great work happy growing

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