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TWTGC surviver grow update. more to come soon

TWTGC surviver grow update. more to come soon

Published on April 22, 2022
quick update on the garden. I've called this the surviver grow since these plants should have died multiple times. hopefully now they are having attention put back on them, that same vigor might make for some nice plants ?.
Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 9 months ago
Sweet. You're going to like the OJ Krush. They are easy to grow and make big tops. The Crunch Berries is like a girlfriend that complains a lot. Harder to grow. But, the smells are worth it. I just harvested about 800 Zert seeds off of my best looking plant. It's Orange Crunch CakexRuntz.
Wabbit 9 months ago
hopefully all the problems will ease up now and you can have a smooth grow, plants are looking good man, all look pretty healthy, coming along nicely, keep up the hard work, stay safe and happy growing
ZoltrixGrower 9 months ago
Looks like they are growing along. Love how clean you keep it!
bluhousegrow 9 months ago
everything lookin good hope the uw makes it it is some fire I'm a pop some seeds of it myself here soon wedding cake is humidity sensitive it humidity to high in flower it will powder mildew hold it all works out for u happy growing