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TWTGC  Story Time BadGranny  cleaning up tge garden Fail

TWTGC Story Time BadGranny cleaning up tge garden Fail

Published on May 14, 2020
BadGranny shares Jersey woaws of outdoor garden loss and shares big love to the weed tube ohana
Category : WeedTube
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Sounds like those LED's you got are awful! Well sometimes gifts aren't always the best things! Keep your head up BadGranny things will turn around for you soon! I said a little prayer for you after I saw the how many of your girls got hit with that bud rott! The joys of being at mother nature's will sucks sometimes but I think things will turn out fine this summer for you! Your such a caring woman BadGranny, all that good karma will swing back to you soon! One of friends here used an old washing machine to make bubble bag hash last year and it worked great! LOL! Cleaned it out really good with CLR and then a heavy bleach wash and a few rinse wash run through! Then filled er up with ice and water and away she went! Turned out great and ran through pounds at a time! I couldn't believe he got it to work but it did and the product was excelent! He used all his outdoor that was still going late in the end of the season that froze and some had powdery mildew! He washed like Wabbit did!
Greetings Beautiful Granny xo
grow420tv 2 years ago
Aloha BadGranny. Big love from the main land. Remember love if there was never a Fire the Phoenix would never been born.
Mtn.Mystic 2 years ago
We need to vision quest sister. I have Passion flower tea and a laced fatty ;-)
♡♡ happy gr♡w thoughts being sent your way!