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twtgc, start of week 9 update

twtgc, start of week 9 update

Published on April 12, 2020
weekly update, stay safe happy growing
Category : Growing/Gardening
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BadGranny 2 years ago
Aloha Bradda!! the ladies are looking SOLID!!! Great Job my bradda,,, CHEE HOO!!!! sending you and the Ohana Big Love from your big island Ohana!!
Nice man, they look great! Good thinking with the son in law. 1 can be tricky even at times on your first grow I found. Having 2 or 4 or 10 would have made things hard at times. I think it's good to get a system down, then you can expand it from there. Your mandarin you have grown lots, they always look the same in the end, nice big fat and frosty haha. That says something to your consistency, good on ya man! I know you clone, but still takes a lot of time and effort. I wonder if there's a reason they called that one strain thin mint haha. I sure like these little peat pots you and many others use for seeds, if you only use a few from the bag at a time, do they keep fine? Heard things like rapid rooters dry out too bad. Once you stepped back a bit there, those colas may be fatter than norm but I may be wrong lol. Nice exhaust system you're giving the step son, wanna be my dad too? lol. With those filters I have heard you can extend life by changing direction. Happy growing and trimming
BeardB 2 years ago
great video bro. your haveing great luck with it. I been getting all males in my seeds. all good though I have plenty of new seeds. and I'm think I'm pretty good at clones now so I got that too. keep it up grow on!
SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Lots of beautiful buds. Loving it.
JayGrows 2 years ago
You are doing a great job man! Those buds are swelling dude. Yeah, I think you need a 6 with that many trichomes in one tent haha. Have fun in trim jail dude...see you there!