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twtgc, start of week 8 and week 7

twtgc, start of week 8 and week 7

Published on December 27, 2020
holiday journal update, few days after christmas
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Garden is looking good man, as usual! Gotta be around the most strains you have had going at once no? Sucks about the mites and stuff. Harvests look good man, nice haul on them. I got a trimmer for Christmas so I may go back to harvesting my big tent all at once again, way easier for drying and for cleaning. Hope you had a good Christmas man, have a happy new hears, happy growing, happy smoking! And I agree, lucky to have a white Christmas!
everything lookin great happy growing
DLgrower 2 years ago
Looking good! Excellent harvest man looks scrumptious lol. Stay safe Keep it lit!
Thud 2 years ago
When you said you were moving your grow tents to the living room to make room for your Son, instead of shutting down, I saluted you! My Son gives up his bathroom and we all share the other one to enable these essential cost control activities.