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TWTGC SKEastCoasts Crunchberrie Finished

TWTGC SKEastCoasts Crunchberrie Finished

Published on September 10, 2020
BadGranny visit Mtn.Mystics and DarthVaders garden finishing Crunchberrie!
Category : Reviews
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stoner1 2 years ago
girls looking nice,my next grow will be the crunch berries,nice to see the finished flower.keep growing and stay safe
Hey BadGranny, I hope things are going good down there in paradise! I haven't seen an update from your garden in a while, and was just wondering how things are going? I hope things have been turning around for you and you have some beautiful buds growing there now! I haven't heard back from you since my last comment I left for you on this video, I was just wondering if there is a tracking number for the package you sent up, so I can see where it is at or at least what is happening with it, if for some reason it doesn't show up again! Lol! Lets hope that is not going to be the case again! Fingers crossed!!! My ladies have just started week 7 of flower, they are bulking up nicely, and are popping out trichomes like crazy now! I just dropped the end of week 6 update on here and YouTube, stop by and check it out when you can! Hope you and yours are doing great and staying safe, as always much love Billi! Looking forward to hearing back from you! Duane & PCC.
Wabbit 2 years ago
so first off got to love the intro, lol crunchberries look tasty looks frosty and stacked, gonna be great, lol happy you and the ohana is safe, tell mystic i said hello as well, stay safe and happy growing
Aloha to you and MM and DV, mate! Good to hear from ya, and DV definitely did a bang up job there. Nice! Hope all is going well and take care, stay safe - keep happy :-)
Looking real good BadGranny! Sorry I missed this one. I used the boveda packs for my LP purchased meds when I first started but found they zapped the smell and taste. I tried it with a couple jars of my first harvest and found the same thing. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I like to use a hygrometer and watch them. My scrog harvest from 3ish months ago is still at 60% without any help. Garden looks great! I am curious to get your take on the boveda, many swear by them so I may be the odd one out lol. Have a great weekend!