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TWTGC Rain Rain go away!! Breeding west coast sour diesel

TWTGC Rain Rain go away!! Breeding west coast sour diesel

Published on May 09, 2020
West Coast Sour Diesel Breeding, Honey Chump phenomenon types stacking up fair! Dutchman420 gets some unicorn poop!!
Category : Education
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Oh SHITTY! BUD ROTT, that fucking sucks BadGranny! Too much rain eh!? Maybe you should think about clear bagging them on rainy days with the bottom of the clear bags propped open! When I used to grow outdoors and we got lots of rain in the summer we would bag them with clear bags if they were small enough or just the biggest cola's on bigger plants! Cut some small air holes along the sides of the bags going down on either side to allow air in so they don't sweat and prop open the bottom of the bags with two sticks fastened together in the middle of them making an X or cross shape and tape them to the bottom of the bags to keep open! It worked for us when we were getting really heavy or long lasting day after day of rain! Just an idea for you and it did work well! Obviously you don't want to make the holes to big allowing the rain to get in everywhere but lots of tiny holes worked well for us! I love when colors come out on buds! It just makes them look so beautiful! Good luck! Duane.
Wabbit 2 years ago
aunty one of the joys of being up on the mauka is its cool in the morning and at night, so your colors should always pop in your strains if the gene is there, the bud rot is bs cut off and continue, most dont realize how much it actually rains in hawaii, humidity is always high, lol keep it up aunty dont let the bs get you down, toke and move on, hahahaha stay safe happy growing
BadGranny ... well, I tried. I really did! I bought 5 30 gallon grow bags, filled them with great soil & planted 5 outdoor plants. We’ve had odd weather, few nights of cold. Just checked my girls & 3 of them have preflowers!! No idea, must be the cold. Best all the outdoor commercial growers in my area are freakin our right now, ha!
grow420tv 2 years ago
keep that male in that nice purple starting! smell o vision needed totally!!! love to you and your ohana!
Great video BadGranny! Good luck with the project too. Thanks for the S.O. too. Happy growing and have a great day!