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TWTGC PART 2 BadGranny Experimental extractions REDNECK MADSCIENCE

TWTGC PART 2 BadGranny Experimental extractions REDNECK MADSCIENCE

Published on May 31, 2020
BadGranny experimental dry ice extraction processes part 2, Mtn.Mystic and BadGranny try to salvage immature buds before they rott away. part 3 to come.
Category : How To & Tutorials
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Hey Billi, how you doing my friend? Hope your well and things are going great for you! Still havn't seen anything in the mail yet!? Guess it's just take it's sweet time...Lol! Have you heard anything from anyone else you sent out too? Hey yeah I was going to tell you I just get the new Version 4 Quantum boards! Only bought one to start with because it was all I could afford! But HOLY SHIT is it awesome! The ladies are loving it and coming along great! Hoping i will be able to sex them out soon, I'm talking about the Blue-Lemon and the BlackBerry Mouth that Wabbit sent over to me! They are healthy and happy but they just don't wanna show me their sex yet!? LOL I don't wanna put in to much work on them till I know what sex they are! The Crown Royale I double mainlined are look sweet and are goona be big girls! The BlueBerry are coming along too but again not showing sex yet at all! Maybe I am just not as good as sexing as I used to be?! LOL I haven't grown reg seeds in years! lol! Duane.
weedanwine 2 years ago
The plants are loking nice
Wabbit 2 years ago
that was pretty cool to see some old school tech that i havent seen in a long uncles used to do this method all the time, lol right on stay safe and happy growing
Awesome BadGranny! That is new to me, and pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing! hope all is well and have a great week!
hey bad granny great video thank you and keep educating us