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twtgc, March 7 2021, start of week 8

twtgc, March 7 2021, start of week 8

Published on March 07, 2021
thanks for stopping in...normal update for my journal, enjoy folks
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Everything is looking great Wabbit, going to be a busy guy trimming! Hope all is well man, take it easy
stoner1 2 years ago
I thought I was watching Frozen with all that frost lol. seriously though, very nice looking garden brother. buds are really putting on weight. veg tent looking good. are you finding the berries and cream wanting extra magnesium, mine did. keep growing and stay safe brother
That blue hash is looking sweet brotha! I think you have a better frosting showing across the board this run J! Black Candyland is looking good too! I finally got mine in yesterday almost 2 weeks later then the seed from Spain! Lol! I have started the flush Wabbit! They are ambering up already and fading on their own! A week early man! Diminishing lighting schedule bro and they are just pumping out the resin and trichomes right now! Oh hey, I got JOTI's Black Dosi Fire as my freebies! Looks like some fucking fire smoke too! have you grown that one from them yet? I am not starting anything new until I know, what all is going on with my Cancer appointments coming up in march and april and if I am going to have to go to get another tumor removed or if my homemade cancer treatments are working and holding things in check! or maybe things are better? Wont know till I get in there! But with the way thing are with my immune system and covid I dont even know if I am going or not!
Just getting caught up on how everyone's gardens are doing and then I will be posting my end of week 8 update! Hope to see you over there later on J! I have to do a complete tear down and cleaning of all my tents equipment and even the whole back part of my house after we harvest this run! Get everything spick and span and ready to just plant some seeds as soon as I hear from the doctors about what the hell I am doing! Lol! stay frosty my friend!
BthaMAN420 2 years ago
lookin good in there dude!!