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twtgc, jan 15 2023 first video of the year

twtgc, jan 15 2023 first video of the year

Published on January 15, 2023

wabbit is back, first video of the year, hope all is doing well:) starting the year off slowly with 4 autos on the first run, enjoy folks

Category : Growing/Gardening
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stoner1 2 months ago
looking good brother. happy to see you back. Let's all make this an awesome year. keep growing and stay safe brother
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
I just uploaded another seed giveaway video if you're interested. Thanks for the shout out. I will do a weed review for the BC x GT when it's ready. I have about 5 more seeds left. Hopefully I can get one pregnant and make more seeds. It would be nice to have a room full of that and the Pineapple Poundcake too.