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twtgc, harvest update and the reset

twtgc, harvest update and the reset

Published on August 30, 2020
last grows harvest and the upcoming
Category : Growing/Gardening
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All my best crops have come after mega defoliation and i do it on week 2, week 4, and week 6! They will bounce back and go hard from there Wabbit! The Red Mandarin sure has it's own look and color to it! I bet it the taste as well is different too! I just upgraded my tent and built a system to hold the tent walls out so they cant be sucked inwards anymore! I was running into issues with the walls of my last tent actually restricting my plant growth and pushing my plants together! NO MORE! LOL! I have also dropped my lighting schedule as I always do in flower and now going into week 5 they are getting 10.5 hours of light! Mimic nature and you get better results every time! Anyways Bra, Looking good in your neck of the woods! New video went up today on my channel for the tent upgrade and end of week 4 update and man things are really starting to bulk up and the trichomes are bursting out now! Hope to see you there my friend! Much Love, from Duane & PCC!
AardVark 2 years ago
look at all that money saved I would swear you worked at geico (-; grow your own for sure!
Hell ya!! I love the flower tent, rip all them leaves off :) Lookin great! Congrats on harvest!!
base79 2 years ago
that red stuff looks fire! keep it up bro!
Oh ho ho!!! What a harvest mate. I'm jealous!!! lol. And that Big Tooth is going to be one massively huge lady, you'll get 10+ oz on her alone...might even make the one-plant-pound my friend. Niiice. I've gotta ask, maybe you've talked about this before and I got stoned and forgot, is there a secret method you use for watering plants at the back? I'm sick of reaching over/around/through plants to get to the back with my jug. So I've got in mind the watering can with a length of hose attached to the nozzle (that still requires a bit of reaching but still easier); or a battery powered liquid pump with extra hose attached to the end (same reach thing really as the watering can)...or the most expensive route (yet easiest I think!) are them watering halo thingies for each plant, with a length of hose (for each plant) that all lead separately to the front of the tent where I can pick up each hose, put a funnel in it and feed that way? Argh...need it easier! haha. Cheers to you my friend! :-)