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TWTGC Grow Room Build: Episode 3

TWTGC Grow Room Build: Episode 3

In this episode of our Weedtube Life ...

I'm tired ... it's not just building the room, it's the other 1/2 of the garage. The cleaning, the endless organizing ... honestly, I'm about ready to toss most of that crap in the garbage. It's all been sitting there unused for years, obv

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Category : How To & Tutorials
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ProudCanadianCannabis 2 years ago
Things are coming along great there NomadicNative! Going to be awesome to see your flood tables up and running! Looking forward to seeing everything up and running! I have run multiple flood and drain systems in a 10x20 foot room and yes humidity was a pain in the ass especially in the summer! But I am sure you will get it figured out! Keep It Green My friend! Duane.
dopedev420 2 years ago
Great upload!
ksbjj 2 years ago
Suuuuuperb looking room. Love the setup.... stuff aint cheap to build. What about insulation boards on the ceiling until you proper insulate. girls are healthy af
TheRookiewiththeCookies 2 years ago
you have made an awesome grow room sir
Homegrown420 2 years ago
I want to do this to my bachelor pad and sleep in the middle of it all.

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