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TWTGC end of wk5 for the sour cheese and grape crunch girls

TWTGC end of wk5 for the sour cheese and grape crunch girls

Published on September 17, 2021
end of wk5 flower for the sour cheese and grape crunch girls. unfortunately the sour cheese hermed while I was out of town and got the rest of the garden. this is the second time those seeds have done this, so they will be removed from the genetics. the grape crunch girls are free from any herming s
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Looking great stoner1! Sorry to hear about the herm! Hate when that happens! Always happens when you think its all good and stop checking them every day! But they all look awesome my friend, keep up the great work in the garden!
Infalung78 1 year ago
the girls are looking mighty fine don't you just love that cheesy smell? ✌
Wabbit 1 year ago
very nice man, ladies are looking good and the description of your smells are solid, would be a very nice aroma whenever you pop open the tent, lol keep up the hard work, stay safe and happy growing
Great video. Getting close to that time.
Looks good man, I hate dealing with seeds but the bud looks good!