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TWTGC! End Of Week 10 Update, Finally Flushed Out, 2nd Blackberry Mouth Is Dried, Weighed In, Now In The Cure!

TWTGC! End Of Week 10 Update, Finally Flushed Out, 2nd Blackberry Mouth Is Dried, Weighed In, Now In The Cure!

Published on October 17, 2020

Just a Quick Video Guys, I have not been feeling well the last couple of days my degenerative disk disease has been really acting up and keep me up in pain for the last few days! So I am a little out of it for thi

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Plants are looking really good man! You got some beauty buds and very nice yields too. Great work man. Pretty cool you are getting another tent too and possibly light, congrats!
Wabbit 2 years ago
very nice man, happy those 2 plants came out pretty identical, the genetics were pretty solid on that strain to begin with so right on, happy you gonna start that cali o, hoping you find a solid female with those too, excited to see some different phenos of the crown royal, kinda curious on how consistant there phenos are, anyhow excited to hear some reviews from you and patients my friend, cant wait, keep up the hard work, stay safe and happy growing
Ooh wee even more than last time!!! Some crazy awesome results mate, congrats. It just looks so, so good!!! Hey, when you upload this one to YT, just in case you copy and paste the description from here without realising (and I am not meaning to be immature or anything!), there is a mistake in the first sentence that some people will be stupid about. Sorry to point it out brother! But let me know when sorted and I'll change up this comment (or if you don't care, whatever works! haha). I guess that it is a good way of seeing who actually reads the description! Points for me! lol. Seriously though mate sorry to hear that your health hasn't been the best and hoping you are feeling much better asap. I sure wish I could give you a hand in the garden so you could have a bit of a rest my friend. One day I am sure I'll be able to hop on a plane and do just that!!! :-)
those buds lookin like some fire so frosty cant wait till u get to test to let us know how good it is keep up the great work happy growing

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