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TWTGC! Drying Tent & Flushing Update, First BBM Is Dried, Curing & Weighed In! First & Last Response To Haters Of PCC!

TWTGC! Drying Tent & Flushing Update, First BBM Is Dried, Curing & Weighed In! First & Last Response To Haters Of PCC!

Published on October 14, 2020




What's up PCC Nation, and new viewers! In this update we have finished drying the 1st Blackberry Mouth, weighed her, and have her in jars for curing! Update on this, the second Blackberry Mouth drying, and the

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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ProudCanadianCannabis 1 year ago
To Proud Canadian Cannabis followers and subscribers! Please leave all comments from all haters and others, leaving rude comments, name calling, and even comments left against your own comments, ALONE! PLEASE! I have made a policy stated in this video, as well as the one and only response to those types of people leaving the negative remarks! I will be removing all those comments from here on, that are mentioned! You do not need to fight with these people, they are not worth any of our time! When one these comments is left, I will remove it and any responses back will be removed too! Also if they come back to do it again, I will be blocking them from the channel! This is a channel for positivity, cannabis community, help, learning, a safe place for growers and followers to talk, and raising awareness of others with medical needs, that need help to have access to cannabis! Please do not fall to their level! All that was needed to be said to them is in this video! Thank You! Duane.
IckyStickies 1 year ago
Bloody fantastic mate, very well done for the first run!!! And great message for the few negative people (though I must say I've never seen a nasty comment on TWT, but I didn't realise you were on YT as well!). I think, trolls can be used in a positive, self-healing way. I see a comment from a troll and know there's at least one person out there that I am better than lol. Seriously though, it's so much easier to be nice. But then I guess being a c*** comes naturally to some whereas not to others!! Anyway hugest compliments on the results thus far my friend, keep it up! Cheers to you!
Wabbit 1 year ago
right on buddy, solid results for your first run of those genetics, always remember haters gotta hate thats there job....i'm happy your on it though, lol to funny, plants are looking solid my friend, 3 and half to 4 pounds for your grow buddy, pretty solid , keep up the solid work my friend and keep the info coming for the masses, stay safe and happy growing
Zoltrix Grower 1 year ago
Very nice Duane! Plants look great, yield was really good too. I'm with you on waiting, I don't like to try until they have been in jars for 30 days. I have some that has been over 7 months now and it is so smooth and tasty! I agree on the buds too, I have had 30-70 tops and been pretty even. While I don't enjoy trimming, and I have smaller tents, lol, I wouldn't mind a pound per plant haha. Have a great one man!
GramJam 1 year ago
WWWWooooooooooo!!!! Look at all those disco balls! If the BBM smokes like it looks, damn! Nice haul :)

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