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TWTGC BadGranny garden up date, gutter experimental 10$

TWTGC BadGranny garden up date, gutter experimental 10$

Published on April 29, 2020
BadGranny how much can we grow for 10$
Category : Vlog Life
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Wabbit 2 years ago
hawaiian style growing is to try and be a cheap as possible but still have amazing results, we all think like this because we trust the aina to provide and we trust mother nature to back up the aina, since our people live with and off the land it is a tried and true method that works and all it cost is to take care of the aina, my hope is in the future all of society starts learning this simple truth and start taking care of our planet, stay safe and happy growing aunty, very curious on your outcome with the rain gutter, looks good already
grow420tv 2 years ago
10$ and reusable. Thats killer. We love ya BadGranny ❤
RosinSmoke 2 years ago
they do that if the stalk stays together instead of splitting i just harvest a plant with one .
Darn it, hit the unsub button by mistake, pop!! No, to late to schwazze’ that lil’girl. Neat outdoor plants! Wait til you see my wind blown outdoor girls, Mother Nature is not playing nice, ha!
Great video BadGranny! The ladies are all looking very well, even the ones in the little gutter. So you just planted them and left them, fed by rain only kind of thing? They sure did well if that's the case. I sure love the views, and the variety you have there. Happy growing and have a great week!