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TWTGC BadGranny  and Mtn.Mystic  Garden update

TWTGC BadGranny and Mtn.Mystic Garden update

Published on July 06, 2020
BadGranny and Mtn.Mystic helping CannaOhana through an early harvest due to bad weather. Mtn.Mystic shares her new peace pipe, and BadGranny making cuttings of Crunch berry and OjKrush!!
Category : Growing/Gardening
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dopedev420 2 years ago
Ganja Queen <3 <3 <3 That new pipe is killer!
AardVark 2 years ago
cheers! bad weather is just part of growing lol. still working on my greenhouse lol. crunch berry yummy
Do you grow to sell the babies ? the weed ? seeds ? All the above ? They look great ! And a new pipe, I love those days ! Much love and good vibes coming your way !
The new lady's are looking healthy! Looks like your still fighting the weather there? Or have things been getting better as of late? Looking forward to getting that letter thank you again! Hope you'll be able to get a few of those plants outside soon! Sending you some good weather and much love BadGranny! Talk to you soon!
Wabbit 2 years ago
i'm happy you 2 are doing ok and living life to its fullest, thank you for the update aunty as i was getting minorly worried about you folks, so my first package to you was returned, lol maybe was the kinder eggs,sigh not to sure but hey i'll try again, hahahahaha stay safe you 2 and happy growing