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TWT Comedy Challenge • Bug Eating • Stoners Lounge

TWT Comedy Challenge • Bug Eating • Stoners Lounge

Published on May 28, 2020
Hey Everyone, So Today I Received The Bugs I Ordered From VAT19 And Honestly Was Nervous To Eat These Bugs Alone So I Had A Friend Come Join Me (SWISHA559)!!

Im So Happy I Didnt Have To Do This One Alone!!!

I ordered real edible bugs of crickets, ants, and Larvets.... I Can’t Believe I actually boug

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Category : Comedy
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xyotictv 2 years ago
oh my gods! YOU’RE A LEGEND!
The video just started and ahhhh lool
Hey I genuinely enjoyed the video, it was really entertaining so keep it up! Also I have a shoutout system in the beginning of every video, and it could help your account get exposure. If you'd like to participate go to my recent video and comment #jiply and send in a video submission of you smoking! you would look dope in a shoutout lmk