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Trulieve Muse Live Diamonds Review

Trulieve Muse Live Diamonds Review

Published on June 13, 2022

Reviewing Live Diamonds by Muse from Trulieve Florida! This concentrate is a hydrocarbon extract made by Muse from Trulieve.


Category : Education
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earth_unbound 7 months ago
I haven't tried the Live Diamonds from Trulieve yet, or from anywhere else. I'm still new to dabbing but enjoyed the Muse Live Resin and Budder. Thanks for your review! I appreciate someone else in FL reviewing products so I don't have to take a shot in the dark guessing as to what is good when I go get my medicine or some new accessories. I found you on YouTube but switched over to this site just to listen to you. Definitely keep doing your videos. They are much appreciated πŸ”₯
LORDMOGY365 7 months ago
puffpuffbean 5 months ago
Those Crystals are so pretty!
Rmatt0818 6 months ago
Well truly is special because they have such quantity as far as stores. But they definitely put that in front of quality. Greed is definitely their main objective these days. And 5 for a couple of live diamonds when it looks like the saccharine they are using now is in the shatter, the crumble, and everything concentrate has gritty sugary saccharin or Sweet and Low All In it. For those of you that don't know that was a carcinogen back in the day and Canada has outlawed it completely. But truly puts it in all of our concentrates so that's what all that gritty stuff is in your stuff these days. So .5 and what the hell they want and what it's worth makes me laugh uncontrollably. They are absolutely the greediest dispensary that has constantly let me down or not had products or the computer wasn't correct or something! You guys got a lot of stores but you got a lot of dumb people that work at them and you got a lot merchandise that is not consistent and not top shelf