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tour of the bluhouse  grow room  twtgc

tour of the bluhouse grow room twtgc

Published on October 03, 2021

we finally made it to flower about one month of fighing a infestion and recovering thanks to skeastcost for recommending the p2500 the plants are loving it also we are not on a cold concrete floor anymore also something new i been using is total release fogger for plants i do it once every run when

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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stoner1 1 year ago
room looks on point. everything is looking nice and healthy and green. keep growing and stay safe brother 🙏
Plants look bigger and fuller this time. It's gotta be the new lights. Excellent, man. Things are going to get better from here on out. My second attempt at starting new seeds seems to be working. I can't wait to see what seeds you start next. I feel like you should grow them in order of creation. But, I also want to hurry up and see some OCC growing. Garden looks awesome.
Great work man no days off appreciate the content 🔥‼️
huge ladies ! looking great brother 😊 cheers!