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Too High Vape and Runaway Review (Indica stoned)

Too High Vape and Runaway Review (Indica stoned)

Hello Buds, I'm back today with a good one lol I finally got a vape cart and a new Strain, Runaway. Needless to say I get waaaay to high to evenfinish the video. If you watched it all comment below, leave a like, and don't miss the Sub button! Giveaway soon for Subscribers! ~Stay Blazed, Sta

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stevensj4307 2 years ago
I really like your videos except for the volume! Can't hear you dude! Peace Man!
budbart 2 years ago
Great video, Blazed... Surprised to hear vaping gives you throat trouble. I have one that's larger than you pen, but you can control the temperature, so turning that down a little releases the active ingredients without burning the flower, hence it is milder. Never have trouble with that but smoking gives me fits. Always great to see you and hear your comments and reviews. I take notes, too. Haha. Really like your descriptions of the aromas! You're really affected by this batch. Mellowed and chilled completely. Great. "9 LB Hammer" just so know know I watched. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more. Thanks for all you do and congratulations on the 420 subscribers! Be mellow.
Stiggles98 2 years ago
Yo! Deadass I have one of your bongs, just in green. From the screen perspective, top of your bookshelf, the big one with the spiral and the dual honeycombs. I love that thing.
remi007 2 years ago
you're enthusiasm is so cute