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TheWeedTube COO Instagram Q&A

TheWeedTube COO Instagram Q&A

Published on December 11, 2019
Hey family! Welcome back to the channel. I figured i would break down some personal walls for you giys and strip down (not clothes) myself to you as I answer some of the questions I got on my IG story. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me, or comment below and I will answer to the best of
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Category : Education
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JimboBob 3 years ago
YouTube was a completely different platform before Google bought it. So to compare Theweedtube today to YouTube today isn’t even a fair comparison at all. Now if you compare first years of YouTube and the first years of theweedtube I think theweedtube is doing pretty damn good
Language barriers happen and it's good y'all (the whole weedtube team) always kept up with that issue and got it fixed. I definitely saw a HUGE change in view count before and after!! Also; high key really like that bong but, don't wanna buy the Christmas box because I wouldn't use practically anything else in it. So thankful for all the effort you all put into this; it really does take above and beyond effort and determination to create something new and necessary for the people! I truly have such respect for all of you members of the team and I am insanely thankful to have a platform I feel comfortable posting and knowing my video won't be removed for smoking. (who doesn't like green day) Tough sounds like the understatement of 2019!! Your baby is beautiful! What did you play? I was in a band and I was the singer/drummer (I'm a chronic overachiever). Have an amazing day man, love the video!!
I’m honestly going to create more because of this video
dopedev420 3 years ago
My favorite part was your wifey Question and your response was PERFECT! Great video Ryan. Would love to see more of these (:
MAN i missed this wtf, defs need to spend more time on insta.. aha this was a dope ass vibe :D