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The Weed Tube VS YouTube

The Weed Tube VS YouTube

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely! and it is time to show YOU Tube what THE weed Tube can do!
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stonedalone 3 years ago
Thanks for speaking your mind, it is so frustrating dealing with YT and the guidelines
ProudCanadianCannabis 2 years ago
I have also come over to TheWeedTube as my main platform now! I just upload videos to YouTube because of my subscribers! I upload videos on my YouTube account to tell everyone about TheWeedTube and how proud I am to be part of a group of growers on TheWeedTube called TWTGC look it up in the search bar to find us all! We are there to help people learn to grow! But I also am disabled and fighting cancer and have met many patients like me that can not afford to buy what is needed to grow for themselves, or afford to buy their medication from dispensaries! So I started my channel to teach others to grow but also to raise awareness of patients like myself that can't afford to grow or buy ! I am only able to grow through donations and sponsors that have given me equipment to grow with! With this equipment and donations it has not just helped me but I grow for other patients and give half of each crop to them! I hope to get more Sponsors to allow me to expand and help out more people in need!
mrsvolfie 4 years ago
Me tOO!
muravushka 4 years ago
Its disgusting thing about youtube... Like you i wus demonitised and banned several times, because ive opened several channels... Its very strange what they do... Damat we have to unite and leave youtube !!!!!!!!!!! I started to upload here !
Nays-Kitchen 3 years ago
woot, I made it Mrs V. spent 2 days trying to get in with same you tube name but it wasn't working. so not sure what I am coming in as but its willow-Tassie-Prepper hun