The Weed Tube Grow Crew TWTGC 2022

The Weed Tube Grow Crew TWTGC 2022

Published on January 16, 2022

The Weed Tube Grow Crew TWTGC 2022

Shoutout to everyone who has joined the grow crew here on theweedtube. If you need seeds, check out my website for current freebie and discount codes for marijuana seeds. I mainly go through seedsman and use a specific coupon code and get a

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AardVark 4 months ago
Feel free and comment here or message me to chat
bluhousegrow 2 months ago
everything is lookin great keep up the great work happy growing
Kaze0125 3 months ago
Looking good!! I am running a banner auto and tried a super soil / cocoa mix to see if the dry slow release nutes can sustain better than just being in cocoa alone. I have noticed nutrient uptake seems to be lower in straight cocoa using dry amends. I am kinda new but over the past 2 years have constantly grown 1 after another. Mainly auto flowering but a couple photo period banana kush and tangie grows in there. Mainly all in cocoa (Mother Earth) but noticed when I switched to living soil that organic grows are much easier to contend with. You don’t get as many issues with deficiencies in soil and the plants basically flush themselves naturally by exhausting the existing nutes in the soil. How long have you been at this and what has been you favorite strain thus far? Personally I like banana kush photoperiod and super lemon haze autos.
Stupidass_Kush 2 months ago

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