THE WEED BOX VIP Box March 2021 - a guaranteed 10

THE WEED BOX VIP Box March 2021 - a guaranteed 10"+ bong!



Published on March 17, 2021

Links and codes and all that jazz down here \/


Buy a Box (Not a subscription):

**Don't forget to use code HIGHTHERE for 10% off your orders!

This isn't a subscription BUT they do have new boxes in LIMITED quantities each month. You just order when y

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Zoltrix Grower 6 months ago
Some nice things in there, I like the window in the grinder, hadn't seen it before
Scars801 6 months ago
Your eyes match your sweater. You have such beautiful eyes. Some dogs want to play, some want you to go away. My dog does both. She does a warning bark and wiggles her nubbie nub when she likes them but not if she doesn't trust them. You can tell by body language if you know what to look for. I often wonder specifically what they're saying though. Especially my cats. Which my 21 year old cat just died yesterday so I really wish I knew what he was thinking. If he thought he was ready or if it was his body shutting down. That's 2 cats in 8 months to pass.
provisional_air 6 months ago
Yes love this!
JanieDee8 6 months ago
Love Your Hair!
TaffySweetstuff 6 months ago
I love this video. You are always so put together whenever you are on screen. Plus, you put out some awesome content.
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