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THE WEED BOX | The October 2.0 Box & Sesh

THE WEED BOX | The October 2.0 Box & Sesh

Published on October 29, 2021

Buy a Box (Not a subscription): **Don't forget to use code HIGHTHERE for 10% off your orders!

This isn't a subscription BUT they do have new boxes in LIMITED quantities each month. You just order when you want a box and don't worry about cancellation since it i

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Category : Reviews
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Infalung77 1 year ago
hi Chrissy. I especially like this video you're talking about parents and cannabis well back in 1955 my father started teaching I was born in 1960 and in1973 I started smoking grass my father started teaching at the same High School I went to in 1972 he caught me with my very first lid of grass I bought took it from me and grounded me for I think it was about a month but it wasn't too harsh of a grounding well in 1978 I graduated Pekin Community High School in Pekin Illinois he told me that he had tried smoking and that he enjoyed it I asked him when he started and he told me the very first time I caught you and that was in 1973 and that about blew my mind well he passed away two years ago and I am now 61 years old so unless you can get your parents to accidentally find your stash I don't know what to tell you Chrissy I just thought I would share this story with you looking forward to your next video catch you on the flip side. ✌
your earrings are so cute!!
Mr. GoodBuds 9 months ago
Lmfaoo she said smoke every time she say box😂😂😂😭😭 I laughed every time you said box after that 📦😭😭😭
Fretbuzz 1 year ago
OMG!!! Is it even possible to be more adorable than that!?

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