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THE WEED BOX | January's 'COLD' Mega Box and far too heavy hits...

THE WEED BOX | January's 'COLD' Mega Box and far too heavy hits...

Buy a Box (not a subscription): **Don't forget to use code HIGHTHERE for 10% off your orders!

This isn't a subscription BUT they do have new boxes in LIMITED quantities each month. You just order when you want a box and don't worry about cancellation since it

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Fretbuzz 8 months ago
That is a perfect video capture of what I have heard called "Dab Sweats". I get them every so often because...well...I'm a stoner. Nice recovery! ;)
mhh333 8 months ago
This is you without caffeine? I'm out of breath just watching your vid.
MediMA 8 months ago
Love me some good socks too…good vid hun! ☺️✌️💚
Spacer.Kacer 8 months ago
chrissy you made me laugh so hard this morning. I have adhd so your talking was what I am like when I don't take my meds daily. but you know what is really strange? sativas will put me straight to sleep. if I smoke green crack I would have some great thoughts that nobody can understand like why do fruity pebbles not taste as vibrant as Christmas lights are and then just sleep.

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