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the truth about cheap LED lights

the truth about cheap LED lights

Published on November 15, 2019
The truth about cheap LEDs. have you received a cheap LED from the internet expecting it to replace a 1000 watt HID light only to be disappointed? this may be why.
Category : WeedTube
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i did find a halfway decent light that had an accurate description, being that it has a more concentrated spread of light so it's more made for what's directly under it. it only lights up maybe a foot past the tent walls which is fine because it just get bounced directly into the side of the canopy so no problems with it there. its only max 150 watts output but it's a third the intensity of the sun just based on the distance it is from the ground mostly. but in all that my plants get pretty big like I'm running nearly 500 watts and I'm definitely not lol.