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The Top 5 Cannabis Growing Forums Ranked - Lex Picks

The Top 5 Cannabis Growing Forums Ranked - Lex Picks

Published on September 20, 2019

Rollitup,Grasscity,ILGM,420 Magazine Forums and marijuanagrowing...who will come out on top and be crowned the ultimate forum?? IMHO of course.

California Lightworks Lights (Enter Discount Code ‘AB15’)

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Hey, Lex. I was a subscriber of yours on YT. I learned so much from your channel! I'm glad you are here. To anyone reading this? Lex? Is a ”made man!”
mrlund 3 years ago is also really good.
I don't know if my other attempts to comment went through, cause I cant read more than the ones that appear, but if they didn't, here is my entry to win that great led light, boy do I have beed of it. I hope to win, and congrats to all the participants!

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