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The Jimbo Bob Interview

The Jimbo Bob Interview

The Jimbo Bob InterviewAfter being arrested and cancelled after making a Vidja The Jimbo Bob sits down with Dudley for an exclusive sit down 1 on 1 interview. Tempers flair
Category : Comedy
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highfromholland 2 years ago
hahahahaha love this videos
jacksonofficial 2 years ago
Thank you for telling the story of your aunts transition! I didn't think you were attacking the lgbtq community as a trans guy.
.ickcf 2 years ago
Great video
tokencrypto420 2 years ago
he just wanted to motivate people to get off their butts, stop bitching, and do something about it. I have not seen in one of his videos that he bashes the lgbtq community. like wtf. hey bro. love your work keep it up!! the fact that rumors and shit are starting means something. IT MEANS YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT!!!! keep on keepin on!