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The hospital is for badge holders only.

The hospital is for badge holders only.

Italk about some jokey shit and show some pot plants.

Lpope is a TWT creator whois slowly revealing what sounds like a fascinating life story, little bits at a time. She seems genuine and confident,but with a dignified humility.

bakedbeauty420 is an energetic young creator who draws the viewer in with

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Category : Potcasts
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Infalung78 2 years ago
oh don't get me started on hospitals I've had six back surgeries 3 hip surgeries and all kinds of other shit wrong with me that's what happens when you start getting old in my case I am old and as far as the plant go they're looking good that one looks like it's deformed a mutation possibly or did you have light source leaking in at night time that can do it also I guess what it boils down to is as people get old and plants get older everything goes to shit catch you on the flip side. ✌
Lpope 2 years ago
Yikes.. one week until I'm in the fucking hospital... but here no one gets to go with you!

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