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The First Time I Got High | ReeferBadness

The First Time I Got High | ReeferBadness

Published on January 12, 2020
Hi guys! In this video I tell the story of the first time I ever got stoned. I was 15 and it did not go as I had expected. I got searched by security and accused of passing drugs! Don’t forget to like and subscribe :)FOLLOW ME!Instagram: @ktionitaTwitter: @ktionita BUSINESS INQUIRIES:Ktio
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Category : WeedTube
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THC-Hunter 3 years ago
Funny story. Reminds me of my first toke 30 years ago. Thanks for sharing.
This was a great story!Something sort of similar happened to me as well but not with a security guard.It happened the morning after I had smoked and actually gotten high for the first time.I was still feeling it slightly during the beginning of the day in school and my teacher pulled my aside and basically interrogated me because a student in the class told them I was baked out of my gord (Which was bullshit.) Hope To see more content soon!I send you good vibes :)
dopedev420 3 years ago
I was 19, going on 20! It was even on 4/20. Lol
GypsyDaze 3 years ago
Whoops.. What a twist
tejy 3 years ago
this is the first video ive ever watched on weed tube, thanks

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