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Published on November 27, 2021

Hey buds! Just like i promised, im here this week with another video!!!! This onemwas painful to film lmao. I def got a little sick but bounced right back after!!! I really hope you enjoy this chaos lol and ill see you next week <3

Category : WeedTube
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Pixie Tay 7 months ago
Lol I just paused your youtube video so I could come watch this first lol
parasiteve 7 months ago
i hope YT doesn't start bullying the weedtube because of its no censorship stuff. like if more people leave YT to come here, i feel like YT is gunna start shit lol. i was sick this past week too, nothing major just sore throat, a lil cough and just discomfort.its been awhile since ive had a small cold like that. i LOVE those chocolate salted caramel bites in the tin, they're REALLY GOOD. i also think your hot chocolate was shitty because you used hot water and not milk to make it. it really makes a difference but i know you dont do normal milk so you kinda have to suffer with water lol. i guess you can do soy milk but idk how that would be either.
PaulaPhaze 7 months ago
I was a few minutes into your video on yt when you mentioned this video. I had to stop that one and watch this one first 💚 and you have a podcast 😃
seleciag22 7 months ago
Not me watching this after watching the stream lmfao love you queeen ❤️🥰
DANKYFRANKY 7 months ago
i would neever grab the chocolate thc syrup lmao that sounds naaasty

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