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thanks to my weed tube buddies

thanks to my weed tube buddies

Published on September 22, 2020
giving thanks for mite info
Category : WeedTube
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cmntImg 2 years ago
fuck I hate bugs man I get super paranoid all day every day lol
Kenny, you da maaaan brother. It hurts to see the pain on your face in this one mate. I wish I could come and help you give things a fix up. Heck I wish I could come and see anyone of my friends on here but I'm so damn far away lol. Heart goes out to you my friend, let me know if you ever need a chat and we'll sort it out!
Thank you for the shout out and for saying what you did Kenny! There are a lot of growers out there that ask for help and when you do they get angry at you for the answers you give them! I can understand to a point, as it is very maddening when things like this happen! But it is very nice of you to reach out and say this! Thank you again for that Kenny! I am hurting with you bro, I hate to see things ike this happen to any grower, especially when it is scale bugs! They are really hard to kill and get thing in your rooms back to being safe and good to go again! You will get this dealt with my friend! It is all a part of growing, the bad and the good and it is what makes you a better grower! Stay on top of thing practice being overly sanitary, use Predator bugs in veg and flower so if anything ever get in you have a great line of defence and always use some kind of a magnifying device to go over your plants once per week! All the best Kenny! Good Luck! Here if you need me! Duane.
fosho always a journey thanks
Learn as I grew that's how I did it, stay at it!