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Telling the story of no phone for 3 years while baked

Telling the story of no phone for 3 years while baked

Published on June 22, 2019

After we smoke 3 or 4 joints and acouple of bong rips, dear desera and I, talk about what its like not owning a phone for 3 years and what its like and how it effects our every day lives. find my on instagram @flower.friendly

Category : WeedTube
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johayes 3 years ago
yay i have u on YouTube instagram and here now lol
In about 2 months or so, I'm cancelling my plan so I can get an iPod. It's an inevitable thing that was bound to happen for my Life. I don't have anyone who texts me or calls me, so having cellphone service is almost pointless to me. I'll most likely find an app to be able to make free calls or texts out to people I absolutely need to get in contact with. Email is very useful too. Already being disconnected from a lot, it just shows me that not many people are there for me which is okay. The experiences of the moment is very important to never forget.