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Talking Cannabis progress with Bruce Linton @ CANEX Jamaica

Talking Cannabis progress with Bruce Linton @ CANEX Jamaica

Published on October 07, 2019

Bruce Linton is one man who needs no introduction in the cannabis business world. The canadian entrepreneur helped build Canopy Growth into the biggest publicly traded cannabis company in the world. He's cut many million dollar deals, and earlier this year, he was relieved of his CEO duties for

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Category : Potcasts
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aaronbewza 3 years ago
What about his willingness to lock people up? Isn't that the typical corporate way... lock up the competition by changing the law to suit only the corporate realm? Dude I was persecuted by the law for weed, I can't imagine supporting someone who wants to lock people up so they can corner the market. Tell me I'm wrong, it's not the same Bruce Linton I've been warned about? Lobbying government to arrest his competition with that company called "canopy". read what Jodie Emery says, she found a bunch of stuff. Just adding some info... I've always been distrustful of the corporate people anyway, to the same extent they sqeeze to the edge of the sidewalk clutching their wallet because they don't like the looks of me. Mr. Linton... are you still in support of jailing people who don't toe the new legal line you wish to dominate?
aaronbewza 3 years ago
I promised TheWeedtube not to start any issues though, so I'm not.

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