Strawberry Amnesia(The Bank) ...Caught Verizon red handed!

Strawberry Amnesia(The Bank) ...Caught Verizon red handed!



Published on June 14, 2021
This is PA Bud looking at the banks strawberry amnesia die gotta beyond hello for $55. Also caught Verizon writing their own review for me without my permission. Kind of messed up if you ask me . Didn't even offer me anything no discounts no nothing just gave me back my old phone and said good bye th
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SKEastCoast 1 month ago
Woooow! That's messed up. Let it out man. $40 for an 1/8th should be the limit. Go write another review on the same site telling the truth. Call her out. I would. Sounds like good weed. My Dragon Slayer, Crunch Berries and Berries&Cream come from AmnesiaxPurpleBud. Funny story, I quit T-Mobile because this big fat tall black lady manager asked me really loud so the whole store could hear "why didn't you charge your phone?" and got the whole store to laugh at me for being so stupid. It wasn't my fault. I charged it the night before. But, there were some apps running that drained the battery real fast. So, I DID charge the battery. She just wanted to act all cool and make me look stupid. They lost a customer that day. I went to a different T-Mobile store and complained about her.
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