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Strain Reviews Episode 3! CBD Strains

Strain Reviews Episode 3! CBD Strains

Published on March 01, 2020

Hello everyone today is Episode 3 of Strain Reviews and I'm reviewing two really good CBD Strains I recently got in. I hope you guys get alot of useful informtion from this video, if you did or you lked this video be sure to subscribe, tap the like button, and comment below. Have a dope day ever

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budbart 2 years ago
Another GREAT episode. Inhaled along with you on the Hawaiian Haze from Tweedle. Interesting side note; when I went to order more Hawaiian Haze, it said "out of stock." Hmmm. So that might be what happened to you: they ran out at the end of their production run. Agree completely with your review of HH. Found it not to be sedating at all but actually made me a little more alert. But no high intoxication. Able to function quite well with it. Best of all, NO hangover the next day. So hoping you will review more with these effects. Now as for the THC stuff, scored one little bit of Sour Jack (hybrid of Sour Diesel and JJack Herer). Loved it. And it was powerful. Maybe you can review that sometime, if it's available at your dispensary. Love Tweedle is legal to mail. Great service and great strains. Will wait to see more of your reviews. I think I'm in your camp. If you go to work for a dispensary and become a budtender, I'll buy from you. Thanks. T-shirt. Munchies. Watched it all. Peace.
Hey I genuinely enjoyed the video so keep it up! Also I have a shoutout system in the beginning of every video. If you'd like to participate go to my recent video and comment #jiply and send in a video submission of you smoking!
Hell yeah man love the strain review videos love them keep up the amazing work!!!