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strain review  on Cinderella cookies

strain review on Cinderella cookies

Published on April 20, 2021
smokin out of bambi which is a product of cannabox and telling you about a sativa strain called Cinderella cookies
Category : Reviews
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I saw the name and thought omg. That's gotta be good. I've grown both of those strains. Instant thumbs up. I'm smoking on a mix of my Berries&Cream, Gold Leaf and Purple Punch all in one joint. Haa, I just realized today is 420! I saw your comment.
Great review Kenny! I have been hearing a fair bit about this strain recently, will have to try it. I am smoking mk ultra with sunset sherbet and afghan hash! I hope you are doing well Kenny, stay healthy! Forgive me for writing this as I don't like advertising in others comments but I have a couple codes to ILGM to give away and only for US and AUS residents, only know a few of you in the US...
I seen after I watch again the weed had me drooling lmao