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strain review  on a snow day twtgc

strain review on a snow day twtgc

Published on February 15, 2021
testing mendo purp grown by bluhousegrow with the snow
Category : Growing/Gardening
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That's our winter norm here, this past week it's been between -30°C and -45°C ish. I'd like to try that mendo purp, heard lots about it and I like the peppery terps. I'm going to have to try the snow trick. I have an ice catch in my main one but I don't think it's the same haha. Good review Kenny, take it easy!
Thud 1 year ago
Look at those Trichomes! Smell those Terpenes! Watch that snow suck every mg of Rosin from the smoke. Easy does that snow in the Bong! I say start shoveling out the path to car, then smoke as a reward. Thank you for doing detailed strain reviews Kenny!
base79 1 year ago
man I hate this snow! As long as the power doesn't go out though we good!
BobUnder 1 year ago
Living in Australia the only snow I have seen is in my icebox Keep safe Growmie
Fun video. I've tried ice cubes. It makes a cold fog. I only see snow about once every three years. And then it's only a couple of inches. Just don't use the yellow snow. Lol.