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Strain Review - Jungle Cookies - One Two Treez

Strain Review - Jungle Cookies - One Two Treez

Published on August 25, 2022

Here is my review for Jungle Cookies (AAA+) from One Two Treez. It is an 70% Indica Dominant strain and it is a cross of Jungle Kush with Girl Scout Cookies.


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Awesome strain review MC like usual was fortunate to pick that up about a month ago bought an ounce of it and boy knocked my cat back it was really potent and pungent and taste Dre the jungle Kush one of my favorites but he doesn’t come around to Austin because down here it’s flooded with so many different strains everybody is on the gelatos and on the runtz And the cookies down here so it’s a flood kind of everything because there’s so much of it but I will definitely is one of my favorites can’t wait to get it again good review MC like always
dopedev420 3 months ago
You had me at indica but GOSH I am loving the way this bud is looking!!
SKEastCoast 3 months ago
Every strain you do looks amazing. But I especially love the GSC hybrids and Kush hybrids. Winner.

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