Story Time - Junior Days PT 1 (Last Joint Of Purple Drank Breath Indica)

Story Time - Junior Days PT 1 (Last Joint Of Purple Drank Breath Indica)



Published on April 01, 2021

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Infalung78 5 months ago
I can't say that I have ever pissed on a slide but back in 1975 about 10 of us went on a canoe trip up to Canada and we canoed 40 miles up in 40 miles back well you know how kids are I was 15 years old at the time and one night we decided to get even with the other guys in the other tent they fucked with our sleeping bags I forget what it was they did but about 11 or midnight I went up and I pissed through the screen door of their tent all over then guys and ther sleeping bags in the other tent I got yelled at the next morning by our group leader he said I don't care if you take them down on a Flat Rock and piss all over them but don't piss in my tents I said okay I'm sorry but that's just one of the times and smoking it all the way down to the Roac without a filter that's how you get high really high that THC concentrates down there on that roach you guys nowadays with your filters and shit don't don't get the full effect oh well I'm Scott the old fisherman from YouTube. ✌
Leefhed 5 months ago
I’m a recent smoker (7) years so can’t comment since I am olde. I take a tolerance break once a quarter. About 1-4 days. We use a bong with Purple Runtz in WA. I was a Junior in ‘70 ! Yes a Canadian thing. Only had two green outs since starting. Love story time.
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