Story Sesh: Why I Smoke!

Story Sesh: Why I Smoke!



Published on April 03, 2021

This video is to tell you why I smoke cannabis! The reasons, the rhyme, the tokes along the way... Join me for a smoke sesh combined with storytime!

I'd love to hear the reasons you smoke, fellow Puffer-fish! Let's chat in the comments!

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stoner1 5 months ago
cool video. I personally smoke for pain and musical inspiration, but I've learned about the mental health side the last several years after dealing with delayed military service induced ptsd,and recently with my daughter's mental health problems and helping her with them using cannabis,now that she's old enough. I have a grow channel here,that also helps with the anxiety of ptsd,the calm I get tending to my gardens. connecting with people on here with the same issues has really helped me,so thank you. keep growing and stay safe
messybrain 5 months ago
I totally agree with all your points!! I'm so happy you found the mary jane and it can help you in many ways! Love you and your content! Cheers!! :)
awordwithapril 5 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story, I relate to so much of what you've shared.
Leefhed 4 months ago
triple bowls for the win.
Franny710 5 months ago
I have similar reasons
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