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Story Sesh: Stoner Mermaid is Back on the Weedtube!

Story Sesh: Stoner Mermaid is Back on the Weedtube!

Published on May 30, 2022
She's baaaaaaack! It's been a while since posting, but this video is my welcome back to The Weedtube, with a Story Sesh about an interesting adventure at the Dollar Store!

Also in the video, a fun taste test of a spicy surprise soda! Let me know what your thoughts are about this silliness!!!

I'm so exci

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Category : Comedy
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dopedev420 7 months ago
Cheers!! So happy to see yoooou πŸ₯°
dopedev420 7 months ago
Jumping off buildings for a living? 😲 What in the heck do you mean?!?!?!? LOL There's no way I could ever do that πŸ˜…
Leefhed 7 months ago
So good to see u again. Your Pufferfish missed your great seshes. Nice sphere bong. Giggly Puff u remind us. 🍁 We in WA smoking on Lava Rock. Cheers
Cannagal 7 months ago
It's so good to see your vids again. I just love it.. cheers fam πŸ’¨πŸ’¨βœŒ