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Store Run

Store Run

Published on February 16, 2021

I got some new stuff at the grow store today. Trying new solutions.

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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I dont do anything with my run off! I let it fill up my catch trays when I feed and i take my tds readings right out of catch tray! The ladies just suck it right back up! The trick is not to feed and feed and feed! You have to give them just water in between feedings to keep your tds from getting to high and making your plants toxic or nute lock them! I am giving my ladies a feed of 1700 to 1900ppm let it dry out, then a water feeding and check the catch tray. usually tds is at about 600ppm after the water feeding, let that dry in the pots as it is drying the plants will suck up that 600ppm that is left in the medium! Then I can give them another big feeding! Also doing it this way if you feed them and they stop eating for a few days, when you do the water in between and check the tds you will know the plants haven't been taking up that much and will allow the plant to feed on what is still in there! Instead of feeding it again thinking that the plant is feeding well and overfeeding!
base79 1 year ago
Those things are super useful! I have a whole bunch of those still. I needed to cetch more water than the green saucers allowed so I went and bought some blue plumbers buckets and different stands. if I ever go back to coco or soil I will switch back to those!
Always love the grow store runs. I was going to buy those pot lifters to keep them off the cold floor. I have not tried the promix bx, but I find with the hp I still like to add a bit more perlite and/or vermiculite to it. Happy growing SK, enjoy the new gear!
stoner1 1 year ago
I'm hoping soon (it's on the books to be voted on) that my state will at least legalize medical, so more grow stores open up. the closest one to me is 2.5 hours away in Dallas or in Louisiana, so I have to work with straight garden centers. garden is looking nice though. keep growing and stay safe brother
very nice video hope it helps I'm a try some super soil I meet the owner of a company that makes it he wants me to try it n he wants to help me save on buying the feed n give them wat they really want take care happy growing