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Stoner Vlog Ep.1

Stoner Vlog Ep.1

Published on February 01, 2022

Hey! Thanks for viewing. Big shout out to my boyfriend for participating. Also, thank you so much AMUSE for making sure our cannabis was delivered on time. I've had to reupload this video because some audio and footage had gotten cut out. Nevertheless, here it is. My first time everordering cann

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Category : New Tubers
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CrossroadsCannablog 4 months ago
Bangin' prices on that haul! Where y'all at that ya get those? Wedding Cake's a go to for me. Great smoke! Hope you have some fun!
Ribonatchi 2 months ago
Those prices make me super jealous! 😭 I see dispensaries selling an EIGHTH for $60+ in my area like WHAT?! Who is paying that price because it is NOT gonna be me!! 😠 Those nugs look fire though!

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