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STONER TAG✨| SmokingHarley



Published on May 07, 2020

Hello beautiful souls <3

I was tagged to do this video by SANDYO.G !

IM TAGGING: 4evaHigh, Daruma, & AliceInGanjaLand

So have fun with it ladies :) Hope everyone enjoyed this video, if you did make sure to HIT that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and leave a COMMENT !!! Thank you for watching :)

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SandyO.G 1 year ago
YES babygirl well done U!!SUCH GOOD VIBES!!
4evahigh 1 year ago
Thanks for the tag (smiling face)
daruma 1 year ago
I love your vibe! Keep posting loving your content! (:
AliceInGanjaland 1 year ago
OK you are GORGEOUS and YAY for Bi ;p your glasses and that gold against your skin is lovely xo and I REALLY ENJOY watching your content xo impatiently waiting for more! LOL XO I literally clicked this video because you posted a new one (YAY) and then I seen after I watched for like 8 mins I seen you tagged me!!! HAHA INSANE THANK YOU xo never done one! This should be fun! Big love to you ganja goddess from Ganjaland xoxo
Drew.Gabe 1 year ago
Damn sis lol any reason you’re so low? I had you on a speaker and had to switch over to my phone to hear you. Loved the video tho
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