Stoner Q/A Pt 2

Stoner Q/A Pt 2



Published on June 29, 2021

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all enjoy today video. Drop any questions you have below for a part 3! Thank you so much for watching.

Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed

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budbart 2 months ago
Nicely done, Blazed. Really enjoy the Q&A. Often pick up really good tips. Got a couple of really dark jars on Amazon to store herb. Keep them tightly sealed and out of light in addition to the very dark glass. That seems to work but it does lose potency over time. Scored a nice stash before my supplier disappeared and haven't connected with anyone else so... have to ration what I have on hand. And supplement with Tweedle Farms legal product which isn't nearly as potent or fun. Hope you'll continue making good commentaries like you have. Hope you get more Patreon fans. Glad to support you there. Every bit helps, I hope. Thanks, as always. Peace.
IvyTokes1 2 months ago
Hey dope Q&A. I just posted my Pt 1 and 2 Q&A. Check it out and Subscribe 💚
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