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Stoner 4.20 Self Care Tag | stonedcrafts420

Stoner 4.20 Self Care Tag | stonedcrafts420

Published on May 10, 2019

I was recently tagged by @daymondraymond to do this video so here it is! The tag itself is 4 things you do that are stoner self care and 2 new things you can implement into your routine. Anyways hope you enjoy!

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Category : Why I Smoke Weed
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creativeharm 3 years ago
oh wow thanks for this video. didn't know this tag was a thing, but these are really good mindful goals to have/do. :)
cannasseurq 3 years ago
Is that RHCP music?? I love your vibes girl!!! This is the kind of self care we need more of! Meditation, hydration, fresh air, and friends!!! #YAAAS Also just want to point out how badass you are for filming through your anxiety and after what was clearly a rough day. That shit's hard to push through and you're rockin' it. Stay high <3 <3 <3
duhchronic 3 years ago
I love all your goals...inspired me to try some myself! Thank you!

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